Twilight Lady is a webcomic that ran from 2008-2014. To date, there have been 5 volumes, with a 6th currently in the planning stage.

Volumes 1-3 were done with CG artwork and is a self-contained epic best read chronologically.

With Volume 4 onwards, the series shifted to a “traditional comic art” style. If you’re not into CG art or archive-binging, Volume 4 is a good jumping-on point as it begins a new cycle in the Lady’s exploits.

Who is the Lady?

“As for my name… I no longer have one. Names are deadly traps, dear.”

In demonic circles, she is spoken of in hushed whispers… and known only as the Nameless Lady in the Hood.

For eons she wandered the realms of the living and dead, craving solitude, yet compelled to aid any wronged who sought justice… or vengeance.

Two decades ago, this immortal soul found itself born into an earthly body under mysterious circumstances.

Having previously attained near god-like ability and status (worshipped by some, feared by others), the Lady had no desire to endure the limits of being mere flesh and blood. So she created Jen, a separate mind within her own… to experience life in a physical body whenever she didn’t want to… which was most of the time.

Only Jen turned out stronger than her creator imagined, at times becoming the dominant personality in their shared existence. To prevent losing herself completely, the Lady began surfacing whenever Jen was “asleep”. A necessary compromise.

Now a young adult, Jen still has no inkling of the being that dwells within. A budding musician, she just wants to find her place in the world.

But there are those who know of the Nameless Lady in the Hood. Friends, enemies, and those who seek her aid…

NLITH (Nameless Lady in the Hood)