If you enjoy Twilight Lady, there are many ways you can support the comic and help me, its creator, keep the series going.

At the moment, the honest truth is that Twilight Lady is a money-losing venture, and has been since 2002, when I started making it. This is due to the cost of producing the comic (from the days when I used CG models through today, when I pay the artists out of my own pocket) plus site-hosting fees, and various sundry.

I would not be doing this if it wasn’t obviously a labor of love. Making this comic has always been its own reward.

But you know what else I’d love? Help! Any kind of help.

Of course, you can simply give me money.

However, I have a confession to make. As much as I love donations, what gives me more pleasure than anything these days is SALES.

Donations make me feel extremely grateful, and provide much-needed support and relief. But ask any creator – what gives us the biggest kick, the greatest excitement, that thrilling tingle of subconscious validation… what makes our thin-skinned hearts leap with joy for no logical reason, is when somebody BUYS something we made.

So yeah, I get a real kick out of logging into my publisher account at DriveThruComics and finding out that I sold a comic, be it for $0.99 or $9.99. It really makes my day. (And DriveThru offers a GREAT royalty rate, by the way… I keep most of the sale price of each comic.)

So check out what I have for sale at this awesome online comic store!

If you prefer to buy from Amazon or other stores, by all means go ahead… it’s all good. Sales from anywhere bring attention to the comic, which increases the possibility of wider distribution, exposure… and more sales. Everything snowballs.

Telling someone you know about Twilight Lady would not hurt either. Nothing beats positive word-of-mouth!

And every sale lends greater weight to the argument that even if something is available for free on the internet, people will still buy it.

So… whew… now that you’ve read all that… hey, if you just want to give me money, please go ahead. I won’t stop you.

And I will be very grateful.