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Twilight Lady: The Secret of Cass Corridor

The unknown.

What does that term conjure up for you?

I ask because it’s not the same for everyone. When faced with the unknown, the imagination can dream up wonderful things. Also, terrible things.

Which is why some fear the unknown, while others embrace it. A person’s reaction to the unknown can determine all sorts of things. The direction of a life. What to order for dinner. The fate of a civilization. What channel to watch. It can bring about peace, or start a war.

“The Secret of Cass Corridor”, the first tale in the Twilight Lady series, explores how different people react differently to the unknown… as well as the ripple effect of these reactions in their own lives and the lives of others. A woman who encounters a strange puzzle chooses to explore it, knowing it could lead her down a dangerous path. The ghost of a dead man, when offered a clean slate, wants nothing but to cling to the remnants of his troubled existence. A man with the gift of seeing into other realms chooses to fix his sight within the boundaries imposed by his beliefs.

And you. How will you react to the story that’s about to unfold?

I eagerly await finding out…