Boundaries. Why do they exist?

Why are lands separated by oceans, planets by the vast vacuum of space, and humankind by the literal and figurative walls we build, often by choice?

Do we live within these walls, or go beyond? Life often presents us with this dilemma. 

There are those who, more often than not, choose to stay safely within the boundaries established for them. And then there are the ones who dare to dream, whose stubborn nature it is to question… to push, prod, stretch the corners of the envelope which houses them.

Rona Eden is one of those. And when she is offered a window to another reality by the ethereal Lady in the Hood, her nature demands that she grasp this opportunity to the fullest… and journey as deep, and as far, as she can.

But how far is too far?

The Realm in the Middle is also available as a downloadable digital comic for Kindle and Nook, as well as in PDF and CBZ formats as part of the collected volume, Demon Corridor.