Threats. They exist everywhere, so we’re told.

Threats from beyond our shores. Threats in our city streets. Threats within our homes.

One warning after another. Right from the moment we’re born.

Germs. Serial killers. Terrorists. Chemicals in our food. Strangers with candy. Global warming. Bombs of every imaginable shape, size, and function.

One day, they tell us… one day the threats may even come from as far and wide as outer space.

But what of inner space?

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the latest, newest type of threat – entities from our not-so-friendly neighboring dimension.

Soon they will be warning us of this as well. Once it occurs to them to do so.

Be afraid. Be very afraid…

The Disappeared is available as an ebook for Kindle, as well as in PDF and CBZ formats as part of the collected volume, Demon Corridor.