SpiderForest Comic of the Week:
Willow’s Grove by Karl Kleese

Willow's Grove by Karl Kleese

This is a long-running strip whose premise has evolved over time. It started out being about life in a small town (called Willow’s Grove) filled with living and undead citizens, among them witches, vampires, aliens and Bigfoot himself. At some point, denizens of the town get kidnapped (by an evil space organization called the Central Nexus) and replaced by replicants.

They manage to escape and find their way home, only to discover the entire Willow’s Grove has been snatched off the earth’s surface and replaced with a copy. And now their mission is to return the real town back to Earth and… uh… somehow swap it with the copy and hope no one notices. That’s where we’re currently at. Yeah, it’s as wacky and unpredictable as it sounds. Good fun. Do check it out…