If you’re enjoying the work of current Twilight Lady art team Jorge Mongiovi (pencils and inks) and Erick Arciniega (colors), now’s a good time as any to let them know.

I realize it’s a human tendency to praise more in hindsight. During our previous artist Przemyslaw Dedelis’s stint, the majority of reader comments re: artwork were about how much they missed the original CG style. Interestingly, once Przemyslaw left, I started seeing more comments from people who liked what he was doing and… missed that. (See the pattern here? It would have been great to have appreciated him more while he was around.)

Similarly, I never really knew how much folks dug the CG art until I stopped making it (I do appreciate the many kind words I’ve gotten since).

Anyway, that’s all in the past. This thread is about the present, and what a great job Jorge and Erick are doing right now. They are still hard at work on the current chapter/storyline, and it would be cool to give them a bit of a boost.

Feel free to let either or both of them know. Which brings me to… why is this a combined thread? Surely each deserves his own? Well, I didn’t want to embarrass them too much… 😉