Nameless Lady in the Hood

It’s that time of year again. For those with a pioneering spirit when it comes to flights of costuming fancy, I’ve compiled a list of items that would instantly transform one into a legendary Nemsiiki warrior – the Nameless Lady in the Hood.

Crimson Eyes – There are many types of red contact lenses on the market, most suitable being, naturally, the kind that glows in the dark.

Pentagram T-shirt – A plethora of these being sold online, as you’d expect. Here’s the closest I could find to the shirt Jen wears.

Brown Hooded Cloak – Surprisingly, this proved hardest to locate. Out of the available options, I thought this was quite suitable, but perhaps you could do better…

Wig – This one depends on which look you’re going for, Jen’s black hair or the Lady’s old school silver/grey.

Well… that’s it, really. There are some optional items like pale green makeup and vampire teeth, depending on if you want to go the distance and portray our Lady’s true original form, or keep to the current Senserealm version.

This is all a work in progress, so if you happen to find anything more suitable than the items listed, please do mention… or better yet, link to it.

And if you happen to take any pictures, feel free to send some, or provide us with links…