We made it to our first anniversary. Corridor Realms is now one year old. Woo hoo!

Last November, I launched CorridorComix.com with one goal – to create the HBO of webcomic sites.

There are, of course, many sites out there that host larger quantities of comics. Here at Corridor Realms the focus is on thematic and stylistic cohesion, as well as quality. I personally handle the scripting and editing on each series, and am pretty selective about the artists that work on them.

You may have noticed there are no ads here. These comics are being paid for by generous reader support. If you like what we’re doing, and you want to see these characters and their colorful new multiverse grow and develop, please consider contributing. You can do so through Patreon, Paypal donations, or buying our comics.

Now for some latest news…

1) Chapter 1 of Blood Professors recently concluded. The series resumes early January 2015 with a new artist, Joel Cotejar. Here’s a preview:

Blood Professors art by Joel Cotejar

2) A new comic, Twilight Lady’s House Concert, begins Friday December 5th!

Twilight Lady's House Concert

3) The first 3 issues of VINE are now available at Comixology! If you’re enjoying this series, please spread the word, especially if you know folks who would prefer reading an entire issue at a time to following webcomic updates.

Get VINE @Comixology!

The Comixology app for iOS and Android is unique for its optional “guided view” display (most useful when you’re reading on a smartphone). Here’s a demonstration of it:

Corridor Realms values your feedback. Each series has its own discussion thread, and if you have any general comments about this site, feel free to post them here.

Your Chronicler along the Corridor,

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