1) Subhuman Sanctum Book One is now available in digital format.

The webcomic is currently on summer vacation, and to ensure its return we need your support.


Subhuman Sanctum Book One

Download the digital version for free, or pay whatever you want, and share it with your fellow humans.

Help us make this a Subhuman summer!

2) Speaking of digital comics, VINE #4 is on sale now at DriveThruComics.com. Read all 26 pages of this chapter in one sitting…


3) Twilight Lady’s House Concert returns next week!

Twilight Lady's House Concert

Unfortunately, we’ve been having problems maintaining a regular production schedule for this comic, so rather than have new pages come out sporadically, I figured it was better to wait till we had a good buffer before resuming updates. That wait will soon be over.

How do you think we’re doing so far? What else would you like to see?

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