1) Subhuman Sanctum just turned one year old! Check out this landmark new series that has taken the webcomic world by storm and find out why it is currently drawing the most hits, pageviews, and comments out of any comic on this site!

Subhuman Sanctum by Blake J.K. Chen and Przemyslaw R. Dedelis

2) Chapter 2 of Blood Professors begins this week with a new artist on board, Joel Cotejar!

3) And speaking of Blood Professors, the first chapter is now available as a digital comic, with a fabulous cover by Joel (and colorist Sean Burres). See below… the M.C. and Isabella have never looked cooler, wouldn’t you agree?

Blood Professors #1
Blood Professors #1
Pay What You Want

4) Reviews of VINE and Subhuman Sanctum recently appeared on comic sites PanelsOnPages.com and Wild Webcomic Review respectively. If you happen to write about any Corridor Realms series on your blog or news site, do let me know and I will give it a mention (and link) here.

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