Stealthy as a flying saucer, 2015 has whizzed by. It’s hard to believe Corridor Realms has completed its second year of existence. Is this a time to pause and reflect? Nah. Let’s look forward to what’s in store…

Subhuman Sanctum II
1) To ring in the new year with a bang, the ascended ones have ordained that Subhuman Sanctum will make its eagerly-awaited return Monday, January 4th. Please do help ensure awareness of this spreads to the comic-worshipping populace, be they human, Naarf, or Gornopi.

Twilight Lady's House Concert
2) As Twilight Lady’s House Concert draws to a close, I’d like to welcome back Sean Burres (of Twilight Lady: Dance of the Indwellers fame) who will be coloring the remaining pages of this wicked untold tale of the NLITH (Nameless Lady in the Hood for the uninitiated ones).

3) The first 4 issues of VINE are now available at comiXology. Over 100 pages of blissful vine porn (there’s also a story in there somewhere, I swear). If you know anyone who’s into plants of the creeping or climbing variety, now’s your chance to get them into comics as well.

The Comixology app for iOS and Android is unique for its optional “guided view” display (most useful when you’re reading on a smartphone). Here’s a demonstration of it:

How do you think we’re doing so far? What else would you like to see?

Corridor Realms values your feedback. Each series has its own discussion thread, and if you have any general comments about this site, feel free to post them here.

Your Chronicler along the Corridor,

J.K. of the Realms
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