Hope you’re all having a good summer. As promised, Subhuman Sanctum will be back in the fall.

As with any Corridor Realms series, the long-term future of this comic depends on reader enthusiasm and support.

First of all, a big THANK YOU to those who have contributed via Patreon. Your continued support is a great boon to us.

If you’re not a patron, you can also help by making a straight donation via Paypal, or buying the digital version of Subhuman Sanctum Book One. This digital comic has been available for weeks on a Pay What You Want basis, ie. you can pay any amount, or download it for free. It’s in the ultra-accessible PDF and CBZ formats, DRM-free, and you can share it with as many people as you want. Pretty good deal, right?

To date, Subhuman Sanctum Book One has been downloaded 5 times.

Readers, we know you’re out there (thanks to site stats), and we need a bigger response than that!

Any form of help is greatly appreciated. Download a banner (below) and link to us, or simply give us some feedback.

Will there be a Book Two regardless of reader response? Definitely, though speed of production (ie. how quickly the webcomic will return, and frequency of updates) may be affected.

Conversely, a great response will mean the comic returns much sooner, with more frequent updates than ever before!

The ball’s in your court, folks.

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