What are the Corridor Realms?

They are the shared reality the comics on this site take place in. A reality much like ours would be if we dared to look a little deeper beneath, and beyond, the surface.

Are you ready to embrace the unknown?

Subhuman Sanctum
Subhuman Sanctum – Traditionally, the Starlin Academy has been a strict boarding school whose members are allowed no contact with the outside world. Now its doors are about to open, and the world will soon discover a whole new breed of human!

VINE – During a mission on a remote island, mercenary Anne Howard discovers a young man who has been asleep for thirteen years, kept alive by sentient forest vine…

Blood Professors
Blood Professors – A reclusive demonologist sets out to free the souls of two old friends from a malevolent curse. She is joined in her quest by a centuries-old vampire and two college students with a keen interest in the paranormal.

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